1. Epoca
2. Elisir
3. Fritz
4. Un Fachiro Al Cinema
5. Teatro
6. Sijmadicandlhapajiee
7. Le Tue Parole Per Me
8. La Quadrille
9. Una Faccia In Prestito
10. Don't Throw It In The W.C
11. Danson Metropoli
12. Il Miglior Sorriso Della Mia Faccia
13. La Zarzamora
14. Vita Da Sosia
15. Cosa Sai Di Me?
16. Architetture Lontane
17. L'Incantatrice

CGD, 1995


"...The musical vein is similar to the last offering, though the instrumentation noticeably more restrained, contributing to an overall impression that is harmonically leaner than before. Again, a common feature of this period, the less refined and at times overbearing presence of the piano which once gave far more space to the other elements. With an unprecedented 17 tracks there's certainly no shortage of truly memorable songs though some have noted that a few fall a little short of the standards listener's had been used to. If however over the years the composer's approach has become more frivolous it has equally become a more natural way of music making with less of the cosy melodic qualities but undiminushing in originality and imagination..." (The full review will be made available in the equivalent section of the members' area, click here for more information on joining.)

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