1. Fuga All'Inglese
2. Dancing
3. Gioco D'Azzardo
4. Lo Zio
5. Hemingway
6. Diavolo Rosso
7. La Frase
8. Nord

RCA, 1982


"...Having, therefore, arrived at something of an identifiable instrumental configuration, the next two records, Appunti Di Viaggio of 1982 and Paolo Conte of 1984, seem to use that formula as the basis for a certain amount of experimentation, most notably through the use of a variety of soft electronic sounds. Occasionally these even replace the piano to find themselves quite liberally combined with the more usual acoustic guitar and the saxophones. The lyrics show the same wide mixture of themes, but also can be seen to represent the emergence of a new tendency: a certain lack of definition in terms of content, a hazy impressionistic quality sometimes the result of a surreal style of imagery. Songs such as L'Avance or Nord are obvious examples." (The full review will be made available in the equivalent section of the members' area, click here for more information on joining.)

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