Part 1
1. Aguaplano
2. Baci Senza Memoria
3. Languida
4. Paso Doble
5. Dopo Le Sei
6. Max
7. Blu Notte
8. La Negra
9. Hesitation
10. Ratafià
11. Nessuno Mi Ama

Part 2
1. Midnight's Knock Out
2. Anni
3. Spassiunatamente
4. Non Sense
5. Les Tam-Tam Du Paradis  
6. Amada Mia
7. Recitando
8. Gratis
9. Troppo Difficile
10. Jimmy Ballando


CGD, 1987 


Important Note:
Above is the original full version track listing. For most countries part one comes only as a single CD under the name AGUAPLANO and part two is available under the name JIMMY BALLANDO. In many cases, if you want the complete original two part version, you will need to buy both AGUAPLANO (single CD) and JIMMY BALLANDO

"...In fact such was the rise in Paolo Conte's popularity that in 1987 the double album Aguaplano was released in a variety of forms in a good number of European countries. With the most amazing ease it effectively ties together many of his previous musical experiences, effortlessly combining the ever-present more traditional European sounds with soft jazz colourings and Latin American rhythms and flavours. As in the preceeding studio release the arrangements are also a result of the contribution of the great Antonio Marangolo.."
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  Part 1 - Aguaplano
Part 2 -
Jimmy Ballando
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España (y Latinoamérica)
Portugal (e Brasil)
USA and Canada
Rest of the World

Complete Version (Parts 1 e 2) 

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