1. Dragon
2. Colleghi Trascurati
3. Mister Jive
4. Ho Ballato Di Tutto
5. Un Vecchio Errore
6. Il Maestro
7. Eden
8. Lupi Spelacchiati
9. Parole D'amore Scritte A Macchina
10. Ma Si T'a Vo'scurdà
11. La Canoa Di Mezzanotte
12. Happy Feet

CGD, 1990


"...This time the South American idioms and the conventionally neutral instrumentation are cast aside in favour of simpler piano-leaden flavours and rhythms together with echoes of American blues, not to mention some new electronic sounds and innovative uses of backing vocals. The subjects that are handled are also unprecedented, from the Wild West of La canoa di mezzanotte to the dynamic futurist metamorphoses of Dragon (we haven't space here to go in to Conte's well-known abilities in the figurative arts), while the characteristic spoof-use of English is greater than ever before, mostly on account of some of the American cinematic myths and attitudes that are explored. The lyrics of Lupi spelacchiati and Un vecchio errore are examples of a more pared down kind of Conte song. Some of the ideas that had until now been the hidden force behind the material, begin to come to the fore so that the overall sense is overtly reflective and soulsearching, even existential. Elsewhere the lightheartedness remains and with it the characteristic balance of themes that makes each Conte record such a complete experience..."

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