1. Novecento
2. Il Treno Va
3. Una Di Queste Notti
4. Pesce Veloce Del Baltico
5. La Donna Della Tua Vita
6. Per Quel Che Vale
7. Inno In Re Bemolle
8. Gong-Oh
9. I Giardini Pensili Hanno Fatto Il Loro Tempo
10. Schiava Del Politeama
11. Chiamami Adesso
12. Brillantina Bengalese
13. Do Do

CGD, 900


"...a recording of hitherto unwitnessed instrumental proportions which puts to use the talents of sixteen players. The attention to detail in the orchestration is immediately noticeable. As well as the artist's more recent somewhat brash piano style, it is dominated by an ever-present but subtle brass section not to mention the (now customary) virtuoso accordion of Massimo Pizzanti. The atmosphere is more cinematic than ever, and the lyrics bare this out quite heavily in their subjects or imagery. When the strings are present the sensations are those asociated with a particular kind of 20's and 30's serious orchestrated jazz, though of course as usual everything else is thrown in for good measure and there are even some ghostly reminiscences of old New Orleans..." (The full review will be made available in the equivalent section of the members' area, click here for more information on joining.)

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