1. Avanti, Bionda
2. Chi Siamo Noi?
3. La Ricostruzione Del Mocambo
4. La Topolino Amaranto
5. Pittori Della Domencia
6. Naufragio A Milano
7. Tango
8. Genova Per Noi
9. Per Ogni Cinquantennio
10. Luna Di Marmellata
11. Avanti Bionda (Ripresa)

RCA, 1975


" was fortunate that at the time RCA had adopted a policy of supporting the new emerging singer-songwriters known as cantautori while giving them time to affirm themselves. So the following year a second album was released, again entitled Paolo Conte. Of roughly the same unrefined character it benefits from better mixing and a slightly richer and more varied instrumentation and yet again includes some of Conte's finest accomplishments to date such as La topolino amaranto and Genova per noi. As before, commercially it proved another flop but this time something was beginning to move, it had served to stir up a little interest in the composer when it was singled out for a national music critics award.." (The full review will be made available in the equivalent section of the members' area, click here for more information on joining.)

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