1. La Donna D'Inverno
2. Bartali
3. Arte
4. Angiolino
5. Dal Loggione
6. Gelato Al Limon
7. Blue Tangos
8. Sudamerica
9. Uomo Camion
10. Rebus

RCA, 1979


"...In 1979 a new album was released entitled Un Gelato al Limon which represents in more ways than one a huge leap forward with respect to the previous works. Not only was it properly produced and engineered, it also benefited from a more professionally arranged orchestration including some imaginative and subtle acoustic guitar playing. Vocally the artist is completely in his element, having understood how to make the best use of the particular character of his voice as well as its limitations. The lyrics reveal also a slight thematic shift away from the more provincial situations and towards more manifestly universal tableaux, as is the case of Un gelato al limon or Blue tangos." (The full review will be made available in the equivalent section of the members' area, click here for more information on joining.)

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