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These pages offer direct links to buying Paolo Conte albums online. The links here below will take you to the retailers' full Conte listings, including compilations which are not included in the discography, click here for a note about such compilations.

On each of the pages relating to specific albums, you will also find links that allow you to purchase that particular album. Unless you're planning to buy a compilation, we recommend that you follow this more album-specific route whenever possible because the full Conte listings of all the suppliers we've looked at are inaccurate and confusing due to the numerous re-releases and similarly named Conte works.

These sections will be updated periodically in order to take into account the best prices and the availability of recordings so if you want to add this page to your bookmarks or favourites you'll also have the latest information on what's available as well as being sure of buying the correct title. Here the online catalogues have been disentangled for your benefit but be very careful when purchasing Conte works elsewhere, pay particular attention to the track list and number of CDs.

CdNow has been chosen as the main online retailer because it seems to have the best distribution in place, particularly within Europe and the United States; after registering you can change to your local currency from the account settings panel. Many Conte albums are currently pressed in Germany and CdNow's European distribution centre means that although they are marked on the site as imports, if you live in Italy or Europe they will in fact be sent to you direct and with no import taxes. CdNow also seem to have the longest list of Conte material available, if you come across an even better source please get in touch: feedback@swonderful.net.

If you live near or in the U.S. you might also like to try musicimports which is a little more expensive but as a dedicated import specialist is more likely to give you the best service. All the suppliers are usually able to ship to whatever country you live in, though in some cases depending on your location and the title you're after, you may have to be patient as some items will go on backorder. If you are new to buying online click, here for more information.

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